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Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Court is a court of rehabilitation and treatment. The Prosecuting Attorney provides legal assistance by way of prosecuting juveniles and adults who are charged through Juvenile Court on various matters including delinquency matters(criminal actions charged against juveniles), unruly matters (juveniles who do not obey their parents, guardians, or teachers), traffic citations, truancy actions against juveniles and their parents, guardians, probation violations, violations of court order, parole violations, and contributing to the delinquency of unruliness of juvenile charges. 

The Prosecuting Attorney also provides assistance at various dispositional (sentencing) hearings, bind over hearings and review hearings. The Prosecuting Attorney works closely with the Juvenile Court, county schools, and the Juvenile Probation Department to protect the community and victims of crime while also helping to facilitate rehabilitation and treatment options for the youth. 

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